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(H&S) Hustles & Sharks - Overused Words

(About the Author)

Learn how to Beat the Sharks

Of all the overused words in the world of table billiards, the most common of all is, "Good Shot!" These and other pool phrases have become so common as to have lost all real meaning, from the provider or to the recipient.

Such words can be used as a sharking trick. Here are some examples that, with various emotional efforts can be distracting: Continue reading

(DCV) Dr. Cue Video - APA Lesson 54: Reading The Personality Of A Table

(About the author of the Billiard Gods books)


How to test your table's rail on 3 rail and 1 rail kicks. This is key information. It's always necessary to test the table's long and shot angles. Once you know, you can apply this to make critical shots.

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