(FAQ) You are addicted to pool if…

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How do you know when your passion for pool as taken over your life? Here are a few indicators:

  • The wife said, "Pool or me." You miss her once in a while.
  • There are only two times a week when you think about pool. Weekdays and weekends.
  • You tear down the garage and build a bigger one to hold the pool table.
  • At work, you spend more than an hour a day looking at forums and drooling over equipment.
  • You have a pool table at home, and get upset because your wife wants to use it to fold clothes.
  • When traveling, you pick hotels/motels nearest to a pool hall.
  • You arrange your get-togethers with relatives only when there are tournaments in the area.
  • You schedule family nights out with the kids when you don't have league nights.
  • If your wife makes you baby sit, you pack the kids up and take them to a pool hall.
  • When you started playing pool, your wife made you promise you will play only one night a week. You solemnly promised (with fingers crossed).
  • You convince the wife that a second floor is needed on the house for a pool room so that you won't interfere with her TV watching schedule.
  • The only time you don't play five nights a week is when you are sicker than a dog, and your friends won't let you into the pool hall.
  • You make friends with the only three people in town with home tables, so that you can go play with them two times a week - each.
  • You play all night, three times a week.
  • Your life can be summed up as - All pool, all the time.
  • You deny being addicted to pool.
  • Your only friends play pool.
  • You are relieved that the medical field does not believe that pool is addictive - which you bring up constantly to prove you aren't addicted.