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(CBC) Cue Ball Control (half table patterns) - Group 1, Set 8

Cue Ball Control Cheat Sheets

This is today's set of Cue Ball Cheats. These practice setups (and others in the book and blog) help you learn HOW to apply an exact speed and spin. That precision is how to get perfect shape on the second ball - and how to string a run together. For these layouts here are the Cheats for this post:

  • Cheat: 4:30, (1/2 ball hit), Medium 1 speed.
  • Cheat: 10:30, (1/2 ball hit), Soft 2 speed.
    12:00, (1/2 ball hit), Medium 1 speed
  • Cheat: 12:00, (1/2 ball hit), Soft 1 speed.
    6:00, (1/2 ball hit), Medium 1 speed.

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(D&E) Drills & Exercises - Long Table Kicks, Set 2 of 4

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This progressive exercise to improve your shooting skills is in the book Drills & Exercises for Pool & Pocket Billiards.

This is a simple center ball hit. This drill dis designed to teach adjustments for the first rail contact point, based on the cue ball position on the table.

Take some time to dial in the correct contact point. Then experiment with different slow and medium speeds. It's a good idea to shift the cue ball up and down one or two ball widths. This helps you dial in the small adjustments. It is VITAL to know how to consistently succeed with one rail kicks. (Not to mention a discouragement for your opponent to attempt hidden ball safeties.) Continue reading

(BSC) Billiard Skills (video) - CB Safety Maneuvers, Zone 1 (Advanced)

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Billiards Skills Competition Training Program

Here is Today's Test Group Challenge from the book. Several run-outs in a row develops personal confidence when similar maneuvering is needed to run-out to a game win during competition.

PURPOSE:  Kiss the CB off the OB and roll the CB inside the Target Zone.

This is from the CB Maneuvers Test Groups. Continue reading

(S&D) Safety & Defense - "Scrape the Paint" Exercises

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Safety Toolbox (Advanced)

(This is today's bit of advice from the book Safety Toolbox.)

These exercises introduce the concept of grazing a target ball so thin that it barely moves. The closest offensive shooting example would be a very thin (85 to 89 degree angle) cut to pocket an object ball. Continue reading