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(CBC) Cue Ball Control (half table patterns) - Group 1, Set 8

Cue Ball Control Cheat Sheets

This is today's set of Cue Ball Cheats. These practice setups (and others in the book and blog) help you learn HOW to apply an exact speed and spin. That precision is how to get perfect shape on the second ball - and how to string a run together. For these layouts here are the Cheats for this post:

  • Cheat: 4:30, (1/2 ball hit), Medium 1 speed.
  • Cheat: 10:30, (1/2 ball hit), Soft 2 speed.
    12:00, (1/2 ball hit), Medium 1 speed
  • Cheat: 12:00, (1/2 ball hit), Soft 1 speed.
    6:00, (1/2 ball hit), Medium 1 speed.

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