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(DCV) Dr. Cue Video - APA Lesson 69: 2 Cushion "Midpoint" Kick System (Same Square - One Tip English)!

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This is the SIMPLEST and EASIEST two rail kick technique for a legal hit. The demonstration is for a half table - bext week Dr. Cue demonstrates the full table.

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(S&D) Safety & Defense - Opponent Analysis Process

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Safety Toolbox (Advanced)

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With prior competitive experience against an opponent, you possess a wealth of knowledge that can be used in the current match. Previous playing experiences should provide a list of what defensive measures worked and which didn't. You will also know the kinds of shooting opportunities he likes. Don't forget the lessons learned from situations that you gave him by accident. Continue reading

(S&D) Safety & Defense - Importance of Safety Practice

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Safety Toolbox (Advanced)

This is today's bit of advice from the book Safety Toolbox.

Usually when a person gets a new  instruction book, he will immediately jump into the drills or exercises section. The thought behind this initial desperate desire to practice is that this new book could be THE one blessed by the billiard gods. Surely this new book must be the new & special interpretation or viewpoint or awareness of the table secrets of the billiard gods. Continue reading

(FAQ) How to improve your break shot

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If you are getting inconsistent results, you have an inconsistent stroke. The key to developing a good break shot is to reduce the number of variables. Here are some tips to apply: Continue reading

(FAQ) How do you analyze a lost pool match?

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Whenever you play competitive pool matches, you will once in a while find yourself on the losing side. When that happens, there are reactions. For some reason (certainly no fault of your own), you experienced this setback. Continue reading

(FAQ) How can you practice 1 Pocket alone?

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When you want to practice 1 Pocket and there are no opponents available, you can be your own best challenger. Who else can give you the competitive level you deserve? Continue reading