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(CBC) Cue Ball Control (full table patterns) - Group 10, Set 8

Cue Ball Control Cheat Sheets

This is today's set of Cue Ball Cheats. These practice setups (and others in the book and blog) help you learn HOW to apply an exact speed and spin. That precision is how to get perfect shape on the second ball - and how to string a run together. For these layouts here are the Cheats for this post:

  • Cheat: Stun, Medium 1 speed.
  • Cheat: 3:00, Medium 1 speed.

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(D&E) Drills & Exercises - Long Table Kicks, Set 4 of 4

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This progressive exercise to improve your shooting skills is in the book Drills & Exercises for Pool & Pocket Billiards.

This is a simple center ball hit. This drill dis designed to teach adjustments for the first rail contact point, based on the cue ball position on the table.

Take some time to dial in the correct contact point. Then experiment with different slow and medium speeds. It's a good idea to shift the cue ball up and down one or two ball widths. This helps you dial in the small adjustments. It is VITAL to know how to consistently succeed with one rail kicks. (Not to mention a discouragement for your opponent to attempt hidden ball safeties.) Continue reading

(D&E) Drills & Exercises - Pocket Skills (progressive): Side Pocket (center spot) - Off Rail set

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This progressive exercise to improve your shooting skills is in the book Drills & Exercises for Pool & Pocket Billiards.

This setup concentrates on progressive pocketing skills. There is no concern about where the CB ends up.

This is a multiple cue ball speed and spin drill. See Cue Ball Speed and Spin Variations. Make sure to observe the cue ball action (path from OB, any rail action, etc.) until it stops. You need to remember the results when you are in competition. Continue reading

(S&D) Safety & Defense - Personalities: The Serene-iac Player

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Safety Toolbox (Advanced)

(This is today's bit of advice from the book Safety Toolbox.)

This is an invented word used to describe a rare type of pool player. Nothing shakes a serene-iac. You could throw him 20 consecutive difficult shots and he plays the table to his best advantage and with the same calm demeanor from the first to the last. Continue reading

(FAQ) How to master a controlled draw shot!

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Do you watch other players effortlessly do a draw shot on the cue ball to make it travel amazing distances or do carefully controlled slow rolls to perfect positions? Are you filled with envy and carefully concealed jealousy over the draw shot skill?  Well, be envious no longer. Here is some good advice on developing the necessary understanding of details and effort that will put you on the path to achieving effective draw shot control. Continue reading

(FAQ) What is the real secret to winning at pool?

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People with all sorts of table billiards experience from everywhere in the world believe that they have the real pool secrets of winning. Those that actually do know tend to hold this knowledge closely; and would not share, even under torture. Every generation has a few holders of the pool secret and who also let the pool secret out of the bag. They reveal this information to favored students. A few more require various amounts of  cash as an incentive to cough up the details. Continue reading

(H&S) Hustles & Sharks - Slow Shooter

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Learn how to Beat the Sharks

This is another delaying shark that is often observed in pool. To implement this effort, the hustler simply slows down his basic shooting routine. Used by a master gamesman, it becomes less a game of pool and more of a game of Patience. This tactic stretches out the amount of time that he is in control of the table – which extends the time you spend sitting down. Continue reading