(AWAP) Art of War v. Art of Pool - Chapter 4 - method and discipline

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At it's most basic, the pool table is a small battlefield. An excerpt from "The Art of War" is provided with how it applies to the competition between opponents.

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Chapter 4 - Tactical dispositions

strictly adheres to method and discipline; ...

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This information considers how battlefield strategies and tactics can be used to win more games. If this seems interesting, read these AWAP posts.


The consummate leader cultivates the Moral Law, and strictly adheres to method and discipline; thus it is in his power to control success.


The Intelligent player strives to improve skills, and gain both experience and knowledge. Practice time is dedicated to improving discovered deficiencies. To develop analysis skills, time is devoted to observing matches, identifying and selecting responses and comparing those selections to the results. Both physical and mental skills are continuously practiced.