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Each post is a table layout from a Test Group that progressively challenges your skills and abilities.

(BSC) Billiard Skills Challenge (video) - OB Speed (angled, long table), Advanced

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Billiards Skills Competition Training Program

Here is Today's Test Group Challenge from the book. This progressive set develops personal confidence when similar shots come up during competition - and define Comfort Zone limitations.

PURPOSE:  From the setup, shoot Cue Ball into Object Ball and roll the Object Ball into the target zone.

This is the Object Ball Speed Control (angled), long table (Advanced) Test Group . There is also an Intermediate Test Group. Continue reading

(BSC) Billiard Skills Challenge - Instructions

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Billiards Skills Competition Training Program

The book contains hundreds of shots, organized into Test Groups that check every area of your shooting and playing skills.

Each Test Group has four benefits:

  • Skills Measurement - what you can do now.
  • Self Knowledge - what you need to improve
  • Training Program - develop a personalized process
  • Buddy Challenges - competition with friends

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