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(FAQ) What is this pool player’s "killer instinct"?

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Most of the time when you play casual matches; they are, at best, played as a matter of friendly competition or something to pass the time of day. In either case, the games and matches are rarely anything of importance or have anything of value at stake. Game wins and losses mean little to the players. Continue reading

(FAQ) When do you play a safety shot?

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Many times while playing, you face a table layout without simple options to pocket balls. There are only bad, very bad and “%?&*@#^” choices. All of us have watched as various bar bangers seize upon this opportunity to demonstrate the width and breadth of their imagination. Actually these guys provide you with an amazing educational instance of stupidity. Continue reading

(FAQ) Stop the “Jubilation Stroke” bad habit

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The Problem

If you spend any amount of time watching your friends and opponents play, you can observe many bad habits. One of those bad habits is known as the “Jubilation Stroke”.  This is a very common fundamentals problem even among good players. Continue reading

(FAQ) Learn to shoot your cue stick opposite handed

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Have you ever thought about shooting with the other hand?  Well, give some serious thought to the benefits of shooting opposite handed. If you’ve felt envy when watching a shooter easily switch hands, make that an incentive to fix the situation. Stop procrastinating and actually put some effort into learning this cool skill. Continue reading

(FAQ) Laws of Pool

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As you migrate from a casual bar banger pool player to a serious interest in the Green Game, it becomes more and more apparent that there are a set of laws that apply specifically to this sport. Maybe the word “laws” is too restrictive – but they seem to have the same weight as the law of gravity. Continue reading

(FAQ) How to Teach Pool to Young People

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If you happen to be a parent or aunt/uncle to youngsters, you have a personal responsibility to introduce them to the challenges and pleasures of the Green Game. You cannot allow them to grow up without at least knowing how to hold a cue stick and hit the cue ball without miscuing. When you teach pool, think of it as an intervention program to save them from the horrible early experiences of ignorance and stupidity that you suffered. Continue reading

(FAQ) Where can you play pool?

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It does not matter what the circumstances were that instilled the love of pool in your heart and mind. You may have just picked up a stick a couple of weeks ago, or maybe played casually for a few years (or decades). Or, the Green Game is your most passionate hobby and life style! Continue reading

(FAQ) How do you clean the cue shaft?

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Here are a number of options that have been used by players for a long time. Some individuals do not recommend one or more of these; others swear that their preference is the only and best cleaning solution. Do not apply any of the abrasives or pore fillers on fiberglass, graphite, or laminate cue shafts. Continue reading