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(FAQ) Can you achieve "perfect" cue ball position?

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As you improve your skills and learn more about how to apply your stick, you will reach a point in the development process where the goal of every shot is to achieve "perfect" position. You want to always get the cue ball to float gently into the intended position for the next object ball. The experience can then be extended as you pocket that ball and the cue ball gently stops for the next shot. You seek the perfection of heaven on earth. You want to be as precise as if you picked up the cue ball and placed on the table exactly where ever you want it. And (to extend this fantasy to the ultimate), do this shot after shot. Continue reading

(FAQ) How shooting skills go bad against a lesser opponent!

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As you enjoy your passion for pocket billiards, there will be many times when you will face off against opponents who are further back on the road to pool mastery - in some cases, miles and miles behind you. You will have long ago traveled past the level that your opponent is playing at now. Continue reading

(FAQ) Why do you choke on the money ball?

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When you are on the “money” ball, are you suddenly smitten with uncertainty? Do you feel like the eyes of the world are watching and waiting for you to embarrass yourself? Does a spear of fear embed itself in your guts? Do any of these situations seem a bit familiar when you finally have a shot at the ball that can win the game, match, a million dollars and the “world’s greatest player” trophy? Continue reading

(FAQ) What is a pre-shot routine?

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Every player uses some kind of pre-shot routine for every shot. For some players, it is as short as a glance at the table, a bend down for the shot, a practice stroke (or two), and a strong forward thrust into the cue ball - no thought, no attention to detail. Continue reading

(FAQ) What is the purpose of defensive shots?

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How many times has this happened to you? You come to the table with a difficult shot. You are two balls away from winning – IF you can make this ball. Your mind believes that the chances of success are 50%. In reality, you couldn’t make the shot even once in 10 tries. Continue reading

(FAQ) What is pool practice - and why is it important?

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One of the “problems” of loving the Green Game is that pool practice is necessary to fix problems and improve skills. Think of pool practice as similar to basketball practice. If you don’t spend time shooting balls and developing the moves to help get baskets – how can you expect to become a better basketball player? If you are playing “horse”, you will always lose. The same applies to playing pool. You have to get on the table and work on shots and setups. When you can make shots during pool practice, you can make shots during competitions with your buddies. Continue reading

(FAQ) What is this pool player’s "killer instinct"?

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Most of the time when you play casual matches; they are, at best, played as a matter of friendly competition or something to pass the time of day. In either case, the games and matches are rarely anything of importance or have anything of value at stake. Game wins and losses mean little to the players. Continue reading

(FAQ) When do you play a safety shot?

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Many times while playing, you face a table layout without simple options to pocket balls. There are only bad, very bad and “%?&*@#^” choices. All of us have watched as various bar bangers seize upon this opportunity to demonstrate the width and breadth of their imagination. Actually these guys provide you with an amazing educational instance of stupidity. Continue reading

(FAQ) Stop the “Jubilation Stroke” bad habit

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The Problem

If you spend any amount of time watching your friends and opponents play, you can observe many bad habits. One of those bad habits is known as the “Jubilation Stroke”.  This is a very common fundamentals problem even among good players. Continue reading