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Cue ball kicks to specified diamond targets.

(TML) Table Map Library (video) - M5 to A1 short

For information on the Table Map Library, how it works and how the information was researched - read "Table Map Library - Introduction"

CB location (M5), Target Diamond (A1 short)

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(TML) Table Map Library - Introduction

Introducing a new Pool Blog - Table Map Library.  Details about the TML are available below.

The purpose of this new blog series is to introduce regular players to the concept of KNOWN cue ball paths and patterns. Each future post presents a setup of a cue ball (CB) location and Target Diamond.

Once learned and understood, these patterns can be used to determine the best way to kick at another ball or bank an object ball. The shots are very useful for various table situations common to "9 Ball", "10 Ball", and "One Pocket".

To make these owned shots, you must validate the pattern on the practice table. Intellectual knowledge requires reality checks - so make sure these shots are setup and shot several times. Dial in the shots until you can match the patterns. When in your possession, these become part of your shooting knowledge and options in your shot library.

The Research Process

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