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(TML) Table Map Library (video) - M3 to Q1 short

For information on the Table Map Library, how it works and how the information was researched - read "Table Map Library - Introduction"

CB location (M3), Target Diamond (Q1 short)

Practice this TML pattern on your table until each one becomes a known and trustworthy shot. Continue reading

(BSC) Billiard Skills Challenge (video) - Cue Ball Speed Control, Medium (Advanced) Test Group

(About the Author)

Billiards Skills Competition Training Program

Here is Today's Test Group Challenge from the book. This progressive set develops personal confidence when similar shots come up during competition - and define Comfort Zone limitations.

PURPOSE:  Shoot the cue ball to stop on the designated target area.

This is the Cue Ball Speed Control, Medium (Advanced) Test Group. There is also an Intermediate Test Group. Continue reading