(FAQ) How do you clean the cue shaft?

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Here are a number of options that have been used by players for a long time. Some individuals do not recommend one or more of these; others swear that their preference is the only and best cleaning solution. Do not apply any of the abrasives or pore fillers on fiberglass, graphite, or laminate cue shafts.

  • Scotch Brite green scouring pad - this is a slightly abrasive pad that you wrap firmly around the cue shaft and vigorously move up and down. When done, flick the pad against a chair or table to knock out the dust. It is cheap and makes the shaft very smooth. It will eventually (10-20 years or so of daily use) reduce a shaft's width.
  • Damp paper towel - this is good for a light level of dirt. Make sure to follow up with a dry paper towel to remove any moisture.
  • Rub with a pad soaked in alcohol, then seal with a pad lightly soaked with lighter fluid - do this at home where you can sit down and do a proper job.
  • Extra-fine 1000-grit sandpaper - cleans well without taking much wood away.
  • Micro-fiber towel - best used to clean the shaft when your hands are a little sweaty. When dirty, just throw in the laundry.
  • Brown paper bag - fold around the shaft and rub vigorously (seals wood pores with a waxy additive in the paper).
  • Dollar bill - fold around the shaft and rub vigorously (transfers the printed oil-based inks into the wood pores).
  • Pumice hand cleaner - use primarily to remove chalk that is embedded into a wooden shaft.
  • Leather pad.
  • Commercial products - there are a number of shaft cleaners available that have a good reputation for doing the job.

Check among other regular shooters and try whatever they are using. Some individuals have reasons not to use one or more of these.


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