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There are a few pool hustlers who use this shark very effectively. The use of clothing and accessories can be very distractive. The variety of choices and options is extensive. The cost to outfit for this distraction does not have to be expensive. Many second-hand stores, thrift shops, charity outlets, etc. can provide a wide variety of unusual wearable articles.

There are multiple levels in which this shark can affect your game. The outfit could be visually clashing with wild colors. It could by stylistically classing (i.e., actual or almost costume-like). If you are a clothes horse, he can engender incitement of envy with obviously cool items (i.e., a perfectly tailored outfit, or <any animal>skin boots, hats, etc.)

When visually distractive, just his movement anywhere in your line of sight can affect your concentration.

The pool hustler does not intend to hide his candle under a bushel. He wants to be noticeable from anywhere in a big room. Just his walking around draws all eyes to his attire.

Clothes and accessories can be theme-based. They can be historical from various time periods and eras. He could be the fancy dress of 1850’s European gentry, a zoot suit throw-back to the 1940s, the cowboy of the 1880s, or the Victorian gentleman.

Dress themes can be ethnic-based, such as African chic or Hawaiian beach. You might even see a rhinestone cowboy (urban version) with fancy embroidery and colorful glitter. The guy might simply intend a violently clash of colors – no theme intended.

Further eye interference can be incorporated through the inclusion of assorted accessories. These can be any variety of items from a clashing silk scarf or a fancy pure-white sash with gold buttons. Other articles of distraction could any variety of hats, belts, ties, vests, head bands, etc.

Bling (all fake of course) can be overdone for a huge visual distraction. This can include everything from wrist bands, arm bands, necklaces, and head bands.

This shark is not just intended to affect your visual and style senses. He can also extend its distractive value by infecting your mind with useless information. At various opportunities, he expounds on details about his clothing and accessory choices. This can include nonsensical historical background, the discovery and purchase background, and on, and on.

He could further engage your attention by finding fault with your clothing choices. Even if you refuse to participate in conversation, he does so with railbirds, while you are shooting.


There are several effective tactics. If he is verbose, before the match begins, compliment him on individual items. Ask about where and when it came into his possession, and how much.

Keep asking questions and make him react to your efforts. Continue requesting more details and information throughout the match. At the very least, he has a problem assembling an effective table strategy. When you notice he starts avoiding eye contact, you own him.

Another tactical option is to express your distaste for shallow individuals who are soooo much more interested in themselves instead of caring for the problems being inflicted on the weak and helpless of the world. Used aggressively to overrun his attempts to change the conversation, you can force him to huddle in a corner.

Another tactic, especially useful when he obviously loves the sound of his voice, is the “silent stand and stare” technique. When you get up for your turn at the table, face him directly and stare at him. Eventually, this gets his attention. When he finally asks, “What?” say something similar to, “Shut up when I am shooting.” He may have a short-term memory problem, so this may need to be repeated. Even the most oblivious person gets the message after five or six repetitions.

And, as a last resort, this trick reduces his ability to concentrate on shooting. Just as he is getting up for his shot, give him a compliment about an accessory or something. Doing this just before he shoots effectively steals his concentration.


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