(FAQ) What is a good pool stroke?

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There are many sources for answers to this question. For some people, the search is no further than their reach as they develop a pool stroke early on. The reason might be because of good coaching or mentoring, or the result of a few dollars spent on effective instruction. Continue reading

(H&S) Hustles & Sharks - Personal Tragedy

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Learn how to Beat the Sharks

Few people are able to compete with deadly intentions against an opponent who has just informed you about a personal tragedy. It’s just kind of hard to get into the competitive mood. If you are normally a kind and gentle person, beating up on a suffering human being just is insensitive to the max. In the wide world outside of the pool hall, this is a completely acceptable, even praiseworthy, reaction. Continue reading

(CBC) Cue Ball Control (full table patterns) - Group 7, Set 5

Cue Ball Control Cheat Sheets

This is today's set of Cue Ball Cheats. These practice setups (and others in the book and blog) help you learn HOW to apply an exact speed and spin. That precision is how to get perfect shape on the second ball - and how to string a run together. For these layouts here are the Cheats for this post:

  • Cheat: 1:00, (1/2 ball hit), Medium 2 speed.
    10:00, (1/2 ball hit), Soft 3 speed.
  • Cheat: 6:00, (3/4 ball hit), Medium 1 speed.
    11:30, (1/2 ball hit), Soft 3 speed.
  • Cheat: 12:00, (1/2 ball hit), Soft 1 speed.
    (If you can catch 3/4 of the 1 ball, use 6:00 to slide the cue ball down.)

Continue reading

(S&D) Safety & Defense - The Distance Safety

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Safety Toolbox (Advanced)

This is today's bit of advice from the book Safety Toolbox.

The distance safety type is simple and easy to set up. It does not require careful or accurate ball management skills. When you can't think of anything clever, leave a long shot. This makes it a low percentage shot for him with a good chance for you to immediately come back to the table. Continue reading

(S&D) Safety & Defense - Cue Ball Management - Side Spin into the Cushion

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Safety Toolbox (Advanced)

(This is today's bit of advice from the book Safety Toolbox.)

Work on coming to the cushion with various top and draw side spins and speeds after contacting the object ball. Start with slower speeds and work your way up, watching what happens. It is necessary to know the results of each variation. Different distances out from center add more cue ball spin and exaggerate the out angles even more. Continue reading