(S&D) Safety & Defense - Practice Routines & Safety Games

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Safety Toolbox (Advanced)

(This is today's bit of advice from the book Safety Toolbox.)

You don’t need to dedicate the daily multiple hours that professional players devote to practice. They need this to keep a razor edge on their playing skills. But that doesn’t mean you can advance your skills only by playing in casual and competitive environments. Continue reading

(FAQ) What are the different kinds of break shots?

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The break is the start of a new game. Who breaks is determined by a variety of ways, for example: lagging, coin toss, or by some other mutual agreement. On subsequent games between the same opponents, the options are: alternating breaks, loser breaks, winner breaks, or other mutual agreement. Continue reading

(FAQ) How do you ship cue sticks?

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When you need to send a shaft, butt, or the whole stick to be fixed or repaired, you need to select a trustworthy package shipping service. In the USA, many people use the US Postal Service, UPS (United Parcel Service), or Fed-Ex (Federal Express). Other services are available, but these all are well-known. Continue reading

(H&S) Hustles & Sharks - Fake 8 Ball Handicap

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Learn how to Beat the Sharks

Here is a 8 Ball sharking trick that is often used on beginning players. It is an easy way for the pool hustler to appear to give a very generous handicap. In reality, he is setting up easy wins for himself.

A fantastic handicap is offered. It begins like this. “I really only play pool for money – but you already know I’m a better shooter than you. How about I give you a handicap?” Continue reading

(H&S) Hustles & Sharks - Life Examples of Sharking

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Learn how to Beat the Sharks

In the real world (the rest of the planet outside of the pool room), consider these examples.

  • A girlfriend, with a simple smile and wistful, appealing little-girl look easily drags you through the mall, store by store, by your nose. She knows how to shark.
  • Your sister's kid throws a temper tantrum when you say "No" – and you pretty much always give in. Hustled by a kid - tsk, tsk.
  • Your Mom says, "People are starving in Africa." You reluctantly force the boiled cabbage down your throat. Tricked! (And don’t try the “Let’s send it to them.”) By the way, all Moms are master gamesmanship tricksters and child manipulators.

Continue reading

(CBC) Cue Ball Control (half table patterns) - Group 2, Set 9

Cue Ball Control Cheat Sheets

This is today's set of Cue Ball Cheats. These practice setups (and others in the book and blog) help you learn HOW to apply an exact speed and spin. That precision is how to get perfect shape on the second ball - and how to string a run together. For these layouts here are the Cheats for this post:

  • Cheat: 11:00, Medium 2 speed.
    6:00, Medium 3 speed.
  • Cheat: Stun, Medium 1 speed.

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