(S&D) Safety & Defense - Temptation Shot Tactics

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Safety Toolbox (Advanced)

(This is today's bit of advice from the book Safety Toolbox.)

When your opponent's chaos zone has been defined, you can easily setup traps, known as temptation shots. These are hero shots just beyond your opponent's abilities and control. They look within reach, but are tantalizing ghosts. He might succeed once in a while, but the odds are in your favor. Continue reading

(FAQ) How to use a playing "edge"?

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An edge is something you have that gives you an advantage over the other player. It can be any kind of secret skill or special refinement you developed - just to use when your opponent least expects it.

An edge shot must be properly timed. It's not something that you put on display at every opportunity. The table layout must look seemingly tough. The cue ball and object ball angles also have to be right.

But when those conditions exist, you can blow away your opponent's assumptions about your skills. When you shake his evaluation of your abilities, you also introduce a certain amount of uncertainty in his thinking. THAT re-evaluation time frame can last several innings, which gives you opportunities to advance.

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(FAQ) How can you improve side pocket shooting?

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The obvious answer is more practice. Most players tend to avoid side pocket shots unless the object ball is directly out from the pocket. Anything with an angle makes them try a cross bank or an extreme cut to the corner. Other players will use extreme efforts (spin & speed) to avoid a cue ball position that forces an object ball shot to the side pockets. Continue reading

(FAQ) How to keep score with coins

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When another scoring system is not available (moveable beads, balls, etc.), coins are placed under a cushion at each diamond to track the score of a race to a number. Continue reading

(H&S) Hustles & Sharks - Smoking

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Learn how to Beat the Sharks

There are still a few jurisdictions and countries where smoking in a public place (pool halls, bars with pool tables, etc.) is not strictly prohibited (or totally ignored). These lonely locations are usually in areas where tobacco has not been super-regulated. If you play in pool halls where smoking is still allowed, watch out for this shark attempt. This requires a relatively limited air space with limited air flow. A small bar with a beat-up pool table would be an excellent venue for this effort. It does not work in outdoor situations. Continue reading

(H&S) Hustles & Sharks - Missing Ball

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Learn how to Beat the Sharks

This pool shark combines some delaying tactics with the game of hide and seek thrown in. The hustler only needs to use this a couple times during a match to throw your game focus off kilter. It is rarely the only shark being used against you. But, piled on top of other distractions, it can be one more nail in the coffin of your loss. Continue reading