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Safety Toolbox (Advanced)

Many players use a single approach to every shooting opportunity – the offensive mindset. They continuously attempt to pocket a ball, any ball - regardless of the table layout and playing conditions. They don’t consider the consequences of failure. That one-dimensional playing style is acceptable only if their opponents play the same way.

Such mindless, unthinking behavior is the hallmark of the bar-banger. When facing an equally skilled opponent who considers the game to be multi-dimensional, the bar-banger loses every time.

A player’s game attitude matures when he starts thinking beyond the immediate shot. It happens when he calculates the chances for success and failure, analyzes table layouts, and considers offensive and defensive choices. This is when that player is ready to take table billiards seriously.

Strategies and tactics are an important part of the game. Essentially, the game gets much more interesting when thinking before shooting. When you do this, you become an intelligent player. This book introduces the secrets that will make you a far more capable competitor. As you gain experience in defensive shooting, your abilities are extended, imagination expanded, and enjoyment enhanced.

The primary purpose of this book is to help you win more games by describing the many obstacles that can be thrown in front of your opponent’s plans. The secondary purpose of this book is to reduce the amount of chaos in your game and increase disorder in your opponent’s opportunities.

Chaos is your friend. When you get a bad roll that stops your run-out to the win, do not consider it as something terrible. Instead, look at it as another chance to use your talents to pass your bad luck back to your opponent. The goal of your next shot will be to leave your opponent frustrated and tearing his hair out. Basically, this is your motto, “Nothing for me? Nothing for you!”

There are enough details in this book to keep you busy for two or three years. After the first flurry of study and learning, pull this book out every few months and go through it again. I guarantee there will be stuff you missed earlier.

A note from the author

I am a PBIA and ACS instructor. Over my 50-plus years of playing, I have played against interesting and memorable characters across the USA, Europe, and Asia. I have played on all types of tables from the badly beat-up bar boxes to cheap home tables to well-maintained pool hall pro level tables.

It is my honor and privilege to introduce you to the tips, tricks, and traps of using safety tools as a major part of your Green Game strategy and tactics. I wrote this book because there wasn’t anything available on the forums or the available books, or on any web site about the side of the game that involves defensive strategies.

For the true student of the game, the concept of defense requires the same care and consideration that offense requires. Both viewpoints require careful aiming and cue ball control. But defensive actions require much more knowledge and (in many circumstances) a similar level of control.

I wrote the material in this book to provide a new way of thinking and playing the Green Game. If you have read The Art of War by Sun Tzu (or my comparison book The Art of War versus The Art of Pool), defense is as valuable a skill as offense. Being able to “read” the enemy and anticipate actions and reactions is a critical skill in any type of competition. In cue sports - this is a rarely identified as a critical skill necessary to winning.

Whether you are willing to incorporate this concept and advance the level of your thinking game is up to you. The book still contains hundreds of details useful in ordinary competitions.

My best wishes for your success!!

Good luck - and shoot straight!!


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