(GK) How can your shooting game go wrong? Part 2 of 2

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Here are more ways to mess up your shooting game.

Bumbling Imagination

This is another way to help your opponent win. All that is needed is an uncontrollable imagination. It occurs most often when you are doing your doing practice strokes. An alternative option bursts upon your consciousness. Instead of stomping on the idea or getting up to reconsider playing options, you change your bridge height and position and go for the new shot. You look at the table results and aren’t even ashamed of yourself. Your opponent loves you and considers congratulating you on your decreased skills.

Body Distractions

Another reason to justify reduced attention on the game is bodily interference. There is a close correlation between the operational condition of the body and the ability of the brain to function. Your body has many ways to interrupt your attention. Among these are hunger pangs, headaches, an injury, or excessive flatulence.

Your body can also run out of energy. This physical weakness causes the brain to stop functioning properly. This can result from poor nutrition, weak muscle tone, or even limited stamina. Any of these reduce your shooting and playing abilities.

Competitive Distractions

This is a self-inflicted problem. For some reason, your mind doesn’t want to concentrate on the game. Any kind of influence in the area demands attention. This can be environmental – music, conversation, an attractive person of the opposite (or same) sex, and others. Even sounds that previously never affected you – affect you, such as clinking ice cubes in a glass. Itemizing the many distractions would be too many to list here. Basically, your brain will seize upon anything to justify your lack of focus and screw up your game.

Outside Distractions

There are times when personal problems aggressively intrude into your game. Instead of being able to use the Green Game to take a break from your worries, you carry them right along with you. They keep you company as you attempt to be competitive. If your opponent notices this, he can ensure victory by simply slowing down his routine – extending the time that you are waiting (and worrying). Either put your head into the game or go home.

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2 thoughts on “(GK) How can your shooting game go wrong? Part 2 of 2

    1. AllanSand Post author

      The best way is to go to your local pool hall and introduce yourself. If there is a league, you can join a team. The players will help you learn the basics. After that, buy some books. The “FAQs of Pool & Pocket Billiards” book is a great introduction to the world of pool and billiards – a lot of information and tips.

      Once you start playing, you can enjoy for your whole life.


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