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(FAQ) Laws of Pool

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As you migrate from a casual bar banger pool player to a serious interest in the Green Game, it becomes more and more apparent that there are a set of laws that apply specifically to this sport. Maybe the word “laws” is too restrictive – but they seem to have the same weight as the law of gravity. Continue reading

(FAQ) How to Teach Pool to Young People

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If you happen to be a parent or aunt/uncle to youngsters, you have a personal responsibility to introduce them to the challenges and pleasures of the Green Game. You cannot allow them to grow up without at least knowing how to hold a cue stick and hit the cue ball without miscuing. When you teach pool, think of it as an intervention program to save them from the horrible early experiences of ignorance and stupidity that you suffered. Continue reading

(BSC) Billiard Skills Challenge - Controlled Runout: Horizontal Set 1 of 3

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Billiards Skills Competition Training Program

Here is Today's Test Group Challenge from the book. This progressive set develops personal confidence when similar shots come up during competition.

PURPOSE:  Start with Ball-in-Hand.
Pocket the balls ALL IN THE SAME POCKET - using two patterns:
- from Rail ball to outside ball (one end to the other end)
- from outside ball towards Rail ball (reverse sequence)

This is from the Horizontal Stack Runout (Intermediate & Advanced) Test Groups. Continue reading

(D&E) Cue Ball Speed/Spin Variations

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This progressive exercise to improve your shooting skills is in the book Drills & Exercises for Pool & Pocket Billiards.

This is a multiple cue ball speed and spin drill. See Cue Ball Speed and Spin Variations. Make sure to observe the cue ball action (path from OB, any rail action, etc.) until it stops. You need to remember the results when you are in competition.

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