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(FAQ) How to master a controlled draw shot!

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Do you watch other players effortlessly do a draw shot on the cue ball to make it travel amazing distances or do carefully controlled slow rolls to perfect positions? Are you filled with envy and carefully concealed jealousy over the draw shot skill?  Well, be envious no longer. Here is some good advice on developing the necessary understanding of details and effort that will put you on the path to achieving effective draw shot control. Continue reading

(FAQ) What is the real secret to winning at pool?

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People with all sorts of table billiards experience from everywhere in the world believe that they have the real pool secrets of winning. Those that actually do know tend to hold this knowledge closely; and would not share, even under torture. Every generation has a few holders of the pool secret and who also let the pool secret out of the bag. They reveal this information to favored students. A few more require various amounts of  cash as an incentive to cough up the details. Continue reading

(FAQ) What is the "Zen" of Pool?

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Few players attain the attitude and mindset that is detailed here. Most don't even know that it exists. Yet it is experienced by many players and is most often discovered by accident rather than by intention. Continue reading

(FAQ) How to improve your break shot

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If you are getting inconsistent results, you have an inconsistent stroke. The key to developing a good break shot is to reduce the number of variables. Here are some tips to apply: Continue reading

(FAQ) Different types of safety shots

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When you face the need to shoot a safety, there are several choices. The one selected depends on the table layout, your ball control skills, and the level of respect you have for your opponent's abilities. Continue reading

(FAQ) What are the fundamentals of a stroke?

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The definition of "fundamentals" in the dictionary reads like this:

a basic principle, rule, law, or the like, that serves as the groundwork of a system; essential part: to master the fundamentals of a trade. Continue reading

(FAQ) What are A, B, and C level pool players?

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This scale is a general guide to assessing skill levels when setting up matches between pool players. There are higher ratings used by other tournament organizations that go to double A (AA) and triple A (AAA). For our purposes, the descriptions here are limited to the levels most commonly found in the majority of pool halls across the world. Continue reading

(FAQ) How do you know you are a good pool player?

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The level of how "good" you are is defined by the players you compete with. For example, if you are playing with neighbors once a week around a home table, a little extra self-improvement effort makes you the big frog. Continue reading

(FAQ) How do energy cycles affect your pool playing?

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As in nature, the underlying natural operations of the human body go through a series of up and down cycles that look very similar to the patterns of a sine wave (see example).

[caption id="attachment_890" align="alignnone" width="500"]energy cycles affect your pool playing energy cycles affect your pool playing[/caption]

Continue reading

(FAQ) How can you help a beginning pool player?

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If you are in the situation of helping someone learn how to get started in playing pool, here are some ideas that will simplify the process of helping him become a pool player. If you are deeply involved in the process, plan about two to three months to get a person to an acceptable level of play. This assumes you have good reasons to help them this much, and your budding player is dedicated enough to stick to the learning process. Continue reading