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(FAQ) How to improve your break shot

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If you are getting inconsistent results, you have an inconsistent stroke. The key to developing a good break shot is to reduce the number of variables. Here are some tips to apply: Continue reading

(FAQ) How do you analyze a lost pool match?

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Whenever you play competitive pool matches, you will once in a while find yourself on the losing side. When that happens, there are reactions. For some reason (certainly no fault of your own), you experienced this setback. Continue reading

(FAQ) How can you practice 1 Pocket alone?

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When you want to practice 1 Pocket and there are no opponents available, you can be your own best challenger. Who else can give you the competitive level you deserve? Continue reading

(D&E) Drills & Exercises - Pocket Skills (progressive): Cross Side sets - 1D Out

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This progressive exercise to improve your shooting skills is in the book Drills & Exercises for Pool & Pocket Billiards.

This setup concentrates on progressive pocketing skills. There is no concern about where the CB ends up.

This is a multiple cue ball speed and spin drill. See Cue Ball Speed and Spin Variations. Make sure to observe the cue ball action (path from OB, any rail action, etc.) until it stops. You need to remember the results when you are in competition. Continue reading

(FAQ) Different types of safety shots

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When you face the need to shoot a safety, there are several choices. The one selected depends on the table layout, your ball control skills, and the level of respect you have for your opponent's abilities. Continue reading

(FAQ) When should you change cue tips?

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The tip on your shooting shafts gets worn away little by little. Every time you apply chalk (especially if you do so viciously), there is a gradually wearing away of the tip material. This is also the continuous tip reshaping and roughing with various tip tools. When the tip edge wears down to a narrow side band of a millimeter or so above the ferrule, the tip should be replaced. The tip can also be replaced at whim. Continue reading

(FAQ) Should you own your own set of pool balls?

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If you are a casual player who goes down to the pool hall as a once a week league player, or you go to the senior center four times a week to play, or if you are an avid bar table player - nope, don't consider owning your set of pool balls. There is no reason to waste your money, simply because you would never have any place to use them. Continue reading

(H&S) Hustles & Sharks - Back & Forth

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Learn how to Beat the Sharks

On this sharking effort, the pool hustler wants to interrupt the game flow and rhythm. He does this by continuously moving from the table to his equipment and burning up groups of seconds and minutes. These back and forth movements are only done during his turn at the table. Continue reading