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(AWAP) Art of War v. Art of Pool - Chapter 4 - method and discipline

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At it's most basic, the pool table is a small battlefield. An excerpt from "The Art of War" is provided with how it applies to the competition between opponents.

This segment is from:

Chapter 4 - Tactical dispositions

strictly adheres to method and discipline; ...

(If this is the first post you've seen, read the AWAP Introduction & instructions post.)

This information considers how battlefield strategies and tactics can be used to win more games. If this seems interesting, read these AWAP posts.

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(AWAP) The Art of War v. The Art of Pool - An Introduction & Instructions

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This post begins a new category of information for all cue sports players. If your sport is table billiards (pool, snooker, carom), this series of posts will provide very useful information to improve your game winning percentage. Continue reading