(TML) Table Map Library - M5 to A3

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CB location (M5), Target Diamond (A3)

Practice this TML pattern on your table until each one becomes a known and trustworthy shot.

M5 to A3

10:30 Analysis

This is a reverse spin shot you really want to practice. Your opponent will never believe the results you achieve with the shot. Not only do you come almost straight back - the ball traveling to the corner pocket (and at a big ball) will be totally unexpected. This is a VERY good reason to practice reverse spin patterns.

12:00 Analysis

This shot is another unexpected way to get to a big ball in the same corner. The bit of running English picked up on the 2nd rail helps open the angle to reach the corner.

1:30 Analysis

This is an interested way to shoot near one corner and then send the ball back up to the opposite diagonal corner.  And if the ball is near the corner you are aiming towards, the cue ball comes back down table near the same corner.

Other Sized Tables

For 8 foot tables, the same type of pattern requires about 1-1/4 tips out from center to get the paths shown. For 7 foot tables, 1-1/2 tip out from center is necessary to follow the pattern. The distances on small tables are less, so when the cue ball travels around in a trapezoid pattern, the rail contacts are more distorted.

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