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My name is Allan P. Sand, PBIA & ACS Instructor/Referee with more than 45 years of shooting, coaching, and mentoring experiences. Referee services are available for local tournaments in the San Francisco Bay Area. Please contact me for classes or referee services.

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My basic goal in teaching the Green Game is to improve your ability to think first, select the right shot, then shoot to get the intended results. All lessons include making smart choices based on self-knowledge, table circumstances, and opponent’s abilities. Towards that goal, I provide the following improvement opportunities:

  • One-on-one counseling / advice
  • Specific skill development
  • Fundamentals evaluation
  • Offensive & defensive skill development
  • Strategic & tactical training/education
  • Youth group classes (Scouts, YMCA, church groups, etc.)

Personalized Training

Two hour lesson (minimum): My experience with instructing players at all skill levels is that two hours is the minimum lesson time necessary for a student to absorb and retain the skills and knowledge presented. In addition to validating shooting fundamentals, specific skills are taught. Drills and exercises are tailored to help you enforce your new abilities.

Coaching: If you are playing at a strong intermediate to advanced level, coaching is a better choice for you. This includes use of video and external analysis of your playing philosophy and attitude. An intensive review of your table skills includes your strategic and tactical analysis thinking process.

Special Courses

(3-6 students) The following courses are available for individuals and small groups:

  • Table Tactics (2 hours) – Learn how to take control of the table with intelligent shot choices.
  • Advanced Defensive Play (3 hours) – learn how to use advanced defensive strategies and tactics as offensive tools to win.
  • Fundamentals review – what’s good, what’s not (2 hours) – All the basics are covered, including body (feet, head, hands) alignment, stroke straightness, speed control, etc.
  • Cut-throat 8 ball (2 hours) – Learn the attitude and tactical skills that will win more 8 ball games.
  • Cut-throat 9 ball (2 hours) – Learn the attitude and tactical skills that will win more 9 ball games.
  • Cue ball control (2 hours) – Learn shots that are trustworthy – kicks, banks, spin, speed, draws, stuns, and follows.

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