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(FAQ) What are some good excuses for missing a pool shot?

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Many players need to have some handy excuses after missing a pool shot. Of course, your opponents don’t care – they’re just happy you screwed up and let them come to the table. For railbirds, player excuses for a missed pool shot can be quite entertaining. As an audience, they always appreciate the more outrageous explanations for screwing up. Continue reading

(FAQ) What does it take to become a really, really good pool player?

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For such a small physical area of contention, played under well-light with well-defined specifications, the game of pocket billiards has a level of complexity for players at every level. Continue reading

(FAQ) Can a guy mix family life with his pool passion?

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When a guy has decided to advance the human race by getting married and starting a family – there is a major lifestyle change. If he was a dedicated player before tying the knot, he may abandon pool passion for love (at least for a few years). Whether you are able to carry your pool nights forward into your new relationship or you wait a few years and decide to get back in the game, a lot depends on the expectations of your spouse. Continue reading

(FAQ) What happens when you apply English (side-spin) to the cue ball?

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English is side spin that the cue tip applies to the cue ball on contact. It can occur only if you hit the cue ball on the left or right side of the vertical center line. FYI, contacting the cue ball on the center vertical line is NOT English. And another FYI, English (British) players call this “side”. My preference is to call it “side spin”. The term is more accurate. If you are talking with any player influenced by the former British Empire (England, Canada, Ireland, India, Australia etc.) the use of “side spin” won’t cause confusion. (It also makes sense to any player anywhere on the planet.) Continue reading

(FAQ) How do energy cycles affect your pool playing?

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As in nature, the underlying natural operations of the human body go through a series of up and down cycles that look very similar to the patterns of a sine wave (see example).

[caption id="attachment_890" align="alignnone" width="500"]energy cycles affect your pool playing energy cycles affect your pool playing[/caption]

Continue reading

(FAQ) What is the purpose of defensive shots?

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How many times has this happened to you? You come to the table with a difficult shot. You are two balls away from winning – IF you can make this ball. Your mind believes that the chances of success are 50%. In reality, you couldn’t make the shot even once in 10 tries. Continue reading

(FAQ) When do you play a safety shot?

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Many times while playing, you face a table layout without simple options to pocket balls. There are only bad, very bad and “%?&*@#^” choices. All of us have watched as various bar bangers seize upon this opportunity to demonstrate the width and breadth of their imagination. Actually these guys provide you with an amazing educational instance of stupidity. Continue reading

(FAQ) Stop the “Jubilation Stroke” bad habit

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The Problem

If you spend any amount of time watching your friends and opponents play, you can observe many bad habits. One of those bad habits is known as the “Jubilation Stroke”.  This is a very common fundamentals problem even among good players. Continue reading

(FAQ) Learn to shoot your cue stick opposite handed

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Have you ever thought about shooting with the other hand?  Well, give some serious thought to the benefits of shooting opposite handed.

If you’ve felt envy when watching a shooter easily switch hands, make that an incentive to fix the situation. Stop procrastinating and actually put some effort into learning this cool skill. Continue reading