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(FAQ) How do you evaluate your playing skills?

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There will be times when you want to determine if you are getting more skilled as a pool player. Are you advancing or standing still? Within your group of friends are you gaining or losing your place in the pecking order? Are you being greeted with greater or lesser respect when you meet last week’s opponent on the street? Continue reading

(FAQ) What can you expect in a handicapped league?

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A handicapped league is a group of teams each with several players that compete on a regular basis (usually weekly). Each team will have players with different skill levels.

Each player is assigned a certain skill level. When individuals with different levels compete, the adjustments are made to their scoring requirements. A new player will start at an initial skill level. As matches are played, the skill level is adjusted as appropriate. Continue reading

(FAQ) Watching your betters

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If you are serious about improving and anxious to learn as much of pool as possibly, the perfect teaching by example is immediately available to you at local tournaments. Continue reading

(FAQ) Does Speed kill?

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Is this situation familiar? You set up on a shot, KNOWING this is a 99% certainty -- BUT because you MUST get shape on the next ball (usually somewhere far far away), you put on a lot more strength into the stroke. Continue reading

(FAQ) How can you stop someone sharking?

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Here are some easy tips on how to manage people who think they can shark you and win.

Every once in a while you'll have an opponent who thinks they can get an easy win using sharks that even teenagers consider stupid. When these people come up against you, here are some ideas and suggestions. Continue reading

(FAQ) What are recommended foods during competition?

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Most tournaments are done in a day or two. Some last longer. You are going to have to consume some food. Don’t eat foods that will bloat you, slow you down, or otherwise interfere with your concentration. Continue reading

(FAQ) How do people abuse pool equipment?

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Wherever you find a pool table, you will find that someone at some time has abused the pool equipment to some degree. The vast majority of this is caused by ignorant people using the equipment for things and activities they were not designed to accomplish. Continue reading

(FAQ) What are different ways to keep score?

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When playing in a race to a specified number of games, or a game where points need to be tracked, you will need some way to identify who gets what. Here are a number of tools used to track who gets what points, scores, marks, wins, and loses: Continue reading

(FAQ) How do you handle an angry opponent?

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There will be matches during your playing career when you happen to get stuck with a player who should take an anger management class (or two). This will always happen when they are behind in a match. (The same individual never acts this way when they are winning. Go figure.) Continue reading